My Authentic Day 1

What do I love about my coaching job and the team I’ve been blessed to connect with? I love the fact that our team is so strongly against just working to make a sale. Our goal is not to see how many workout programs we can sell in a month.  Our team talks constantly about our goals of truly helping people, deep down getting to know people, and making a difference in this world. Our team focuses on our own personal growth as well, because we can’t help others if we aren’t always growing ourselves.  We want to help people beyond weight loss…we see the bigger picture and know fitness is just a platform..that first step to changing someone’s life.

So our team does a lot of training on mindset.  We also do a lot of training on being vulnerable, being authentic.  It’s hard to really connect with someone and help someone without being somewhat vulnerable and a real person.

On our way home from Chicago today, I was driving for 4 hours and forced my poor Mother in Law and Sister In Laws to listen to one of my favorite audiobooks, “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown.  I needed something to keep my attention for the 4 hour trek.  I was reminded once again about how to truly feel joy and live whole-heartedly, you have to be vulnerable, you have to be authentic, you have to share your story.

As you have followed me, I’ve opened up about my fears, about my failures, about my blessings.  It is scary being vulnerable!

Here I go being real and authentic for my Day 1.  Everyday used to be my day 1.  Everyday I said I was going to start eating healthy…and then I would sabotage it and start over the next day.

Today is Day 1 of doing a Core de Force Test group with my team.  What is Core de Force? It’s a workout program and simple meal plan for 30 days, consisting of MMA style workouts, with 3 minute rounds at a time.  I need this. I’ve been off my game the last couple months and I need to refocus and recommit to something.

So today was day 1.  Half way through my 4 hour trip home from Chicago, we stopped for a restroom break and I walked right by a Starbucks…now, just to let you know, I have been waiting all year for the holiday flavor, Chestnut Praline Latte, to come out.  Why do they only have it during the holidays?? Why can’t it be available all year!? I’ve tried to find something close, and nothing seems to compare.

What were my thoughts? I could have the latte and just give up a fruit and a healthy fat for the day..isn’t it just calories in, calories out? Well, not really, I know. It’s important to fuel your body with the right calories. To my surprise, I walked out without my latte. I felt proud of myself that I had stuck to my day 1 meal plan.

After getting home from driving 4 hours, I did my day 1 workout…amazing by the way…then jumped back in the car to drive another 40 minutes to my daughter’s gymnastics practice.  I was sweaty and gross from working out, and right before I dropped her off, she informed me she forgot her hair tie, so now my sweaty gross hair was down with a kink where my ponytail used to be.

After dropping her off, I then turned to drive another hour in the opposite direction to pick up my 3 boys that had stayed at my parent’s house for the weekend.  Within a few minutes, I found myself pulling into the giant super Kroger, telling myself I better run in and get some mac n cheese to go with the organic chicken nuggets my kids were getting for a late dinner when we got home, despite the sweaty, kinked hair and lack of make-up.  Then I had a reality check with myself. It wasn’t the mac n cheese I desperately needed. It was the fact that Kroger had a Starbucks.

I caved, knowing I had been driving all day and still had a long drive ahead of me.  Excuses I know, but it tasted amazing.

I used to would have given up if I messed up my meal plan. Before Beachbody, I never stuck with a meal plan for more than 1 or 2 days.  The old me would have been angry that I caved and given up the rest of the week, saying my day 1 would be next Monday.

My mindset is different now. Today is stil Day 1, and tomorrow is Day 2. Though I wasn’t perfect today, I did good despite the latte, and I will focus and do even better tomorrow. I will stick with this program, because I’ve learned these workouts and meal plans are actually something I CAN  stick to and that they really do work.

I am not perfect at following meal plans, but I am a lot better than I used to be and I know how amazing I feel when I stick with it.  So there is my authentic, imperfect Day 1 of Core de Force. Before pics and measurements are done and results will follow in 29 more days.

I don’t want to be the “poster child” of Beachbody. I want to be vulnerable, honest, and real with my struggles, my failures, and my successes. Because we all have them.  Use your failures to move forward, use your struggles to learn and grow stronger, and be proud of the little successes as you reach for your goals.


One thought on “My Authentic Day 1

  1. Staying true to your goals and yourself is so hard. Thanks for sharing your day 1. You’re motivating me to start my Day 1 (AGAIN) right now. The holidays make it a real challenge, but its better to be 90% than Zero %. Thanks again!


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