We Didn’t Make It To Church…Again

I know God loves me.  But I also feel like I don’t do enough.  We just don’t seem to get to church nearly as often as we would like.  I never tithe as often/as much as I feel I should.  I don’t read the Bible with my kids every night. I always feel like there is so much more I should be doing.

When I sit down with quiet devotional time, I see and hear signs that God is using my new business and voice for Him.  So I keep trying to rack my brain thinking of big things I can do in my business and life to perform my God duties..whatever those may be.  What bigger and better things do I need to do?  Leave the house with kids in tears because we stressed so much getting a family of 7 out the door by 8:00 on Sunday morning? Plan big challenge groups/devotion groups online to focus on the word of God? Go on mission trips?  How can I fit this stuff into my chaotic schedule/life and do more?

But today God spoke to me while I was reading my devotional.

“Pour all of your energy into trusting Me. Every step on your life-journey can be a step of faith. Baby steps of trust are simple for you; you can take them with almost unconscious ease….Each of my children is a unique blend of temperament, giftedness, and life experiences. Something that is a baby step for you may be a giant step for another person, and vice versa. Beware of trying to impress others by acting as if your giant steps are only baby ones. Do not judge others who hesitate in trembling fear before an act that would be easy for you. If each of My children would seek to please Me above all else, fear of others’ judgements would vanish, as would attempts to impress others. Focus your attention on the path just ahead of you and the One who never leaves your side.”

“Come to Me and listen! Attune yourself to My voice, and receive My richest blessings. Marvel at the wonder of communing with the Creator of the universe all while sitting in the comfort of your home….I am wherever you are.” ~Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

Though maybe I should go to church every Sunday and maybe eventually do big things, I think God is telling me the little things mean just as much. The quiet devotional time I spend at home is a blessing.  Keeping God as my focus in my business and life are those baby steps that still mean so much.

This is how I want to live my life…run my business….using it quietly and gently to get closer to Him and help bring others closer to Him.  Maybe adding a daily devotional to my upcoming Yoga challenge would be a perfect start.


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