When I signed up to be an online fitness coach, I quickly became full of passion for this business and was ALL IN.   It is crazy the energy and excitement this business has put into my life. I wake up thinking about it, I go to bed thinking about it…constantly coming up with ideas, checking on customers to see how they are doing, training new leaders.

Last night we had a meeting with my leader who has become one of my closest friends…someone who would not have been a part of my life if it weren’t for Beachbody.  We both know God brought us together for a reason.

It was a wake up call.  It was a reminder I think we all often need.

What are your priorities? Are your actions throughout the day aligned with what you think your priorities should be?

This is hard! Here are my priorities: 1. God 2. My spouse and kids 3. Family/Friends 4. My business

How many of you don’t have work listed as your number 1 priority, but spend the most time at work?  It’s hard not to in today’s world. When I first started this business, I found myself putting so much passion into it that I felt like I was taking away time from my husband and children.  Though this business has brought me so much closer to God and I have said over and over he is using this business and me for a reason, I often run out of time at the end of the day to do my prayer and devotion because I spent my time on “business”.

At the meeting, I was reminded that you can keep your actions in line with your priorities and still have a super successful life.  That is what is so amazing about the business I am in.  I have slowly learned over the last year not to hop on the computer as soon as I get up in the morning. I am completely focused on getting the kids ready for school. I have learned if my husband and I are watching a show together in the evening to leave my phone in another room.  The messages can wait.  I am slowly learning to organize my time so that I can be focused on the things that are important in my life, and then have a time spent to focus on my business.  The fact that I am close to making through my business what I make as a Physical Therapist…all while being home with my family…is crazy to me.

I am still learning. I am still figuring out how to balance it all. It is difficulty when you are so passionate about something not to think about it all the time.  However, I think I will be even more successful and help more people, along with being a better Christian and mom/wife the more I learn to manage my priorities.

Starting today, instead of getting the kids on the bus and going straight to my computer, I first opened my devotional, read, and prayed for the day…prayed that God lead me today to do what I am meant to.

I then forced myself to play Paw Patrol with half chewed Ryder’s and Marshall’s…even fighting off some attacking dinosaurs…while my phone was in the other room.

Now I can sit down and focus on some work. A couple hours, and I will be done with my work for the day.  What a blessing to have this put in my life…what a blessing my leaders and team are to constantly teach me how to be a better me…how to better my life.

I challenge you to write down your priorities and then analyze your actions throughout the day.  Is your number 1 and 2 priorities in life the one’s you spend the most time doing or most thought on?  If not, start working on a plan to make them your priority again.


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