Design Your Life: 4 Steps to Leading a Successful Life

The past year, I have been learning through reading, online training, Beachbody events, and more how to be successful in life.  The definition of success is different for everybody.  However, there are some key steps I have learned you must follow if you want to live a life of significance, better yet, live your life by design.

  1. Have a WHY. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this…and how many times I’ve told my team.  You must develop your why.  If you have big dreams in life, large goals, or have a picture of the life you want to live….you have to have a REASON for wanting that.  If you don’t have a big enough WHY, when the times get hard or you are on a downward slope (and I promise this WILL happen), then you will get stuck, or you will give up.  If your WHY is big enough, it gives you the fuel and the drive to climb out of the slopes…to weather the storms and wait it out…to push harder when it seems like nothing is going right.  Take time and develop your true, deep WHY.
  2. Control your MINDSET.  You can set big goals and picture the life you want to live, but if your thoughts are constantly focusing on the obstacles, giving you excuses, or wallowing in the things that go wrong and how hard your life is…you won’t reach those goals.  Focus on negative, and you will not have a positive, fulfilled life. You get to control this. Take control of your thoughts. This takes practice. Tell yourself everyday you can do it.  When a negative thought creeps in, wash it away with a positive statement. The mind is so much more powerful than people realize. If you focus on those dreams and goals every single day and tell yourself over and over that you will reach them, I believe you will.
  3. Work HARDER.  Sorry. Just by talking about goals and dreams doesn’t make them happen. If you want to live your life by design, if you want to be more successful and have more freedom, whatever your idea of success may be, you have to work harder than the person next to you. I don’t believe this means working sun up to sun down, not enjoying life, and ignoring your friends and family. But this does mean getting up 1-2 hours earlier than your family, or staying up a couple hours after they go to bed to focus on your goals. This does mean you may have to give up those television shows in the evenings, you may have to make some sacrifices.  Don’t wait for the life you dream of to come to you. You will be waiting forever. You have to MAKE your way to those dreams, and you can’t get there without putting in the work.
  4. ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  I am all about working hard, making big goals, pushing for those goals, that financial freedom, living your life by design. These are necessary steps.  However, I believe the most important one that people who strive for success often forget is to ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  In my eyes, you can become a millionaire, you can be the CEO of a company, you can be the top rank in your company…but if you aren’t enjoying your journey and feeling grateful for the life you are designing and appreciating the process, then you aren’t truly SUCCESSFUL. You can be rich, you can be living your life by design, but if you aren’t happy, what is the point?

I think this can be difficult. As I sat around the table last night, knowing my husband was working three 16 hour days in a row, I was busy feeding 5 kids, finishing homework, listening to whining/crying, yelling at kids to keep their feet off the table and butt on the chair…I could easily have lost it.  Fighting to get the kids to bed so I could work on business stuff, I was frustrated it took me an hour of cuddling with the 3 year old to get him to sleep. Looking at bills that need paid and trying to figure out how I’m going to manage the schedule for the week…all this stuff is stressful.  I could cry, I could let it overwhelm me and get me down…or I could change my mindset.  What I choose to do in these situations is remind myself I will miss this someday.  When I’m frustrated with my kids, I snap a picture when they fall asleep to remind me it’s worth it. When I’m tired and don’t want to stay up to work on my business, I picture those big dreams I am getting closer to…I remember the people I am helping.

If these steps were easy, everybody would be living their dreams. Everybody would be on top.  It’s the people that make the decision and do these tasks everyday…that are able to reach big dreams and goals, but are also truly happy as they go up and down the mountains along the way.  Life is super stressful…Life is super overwhelming…Life is also short, so make the most of it and LOVE IT.

And my number one tip…don’t do any of these steps without prayer.  Pray for God to lead you on this journey and focus on him, and you will be guaranteed a life of significance..because it will be the one you were meant for.


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