Tomorrow evening my family and I will drive to the airport to pick up Ylse, our exchange student from Norway.  Wow, are we excited. And nervous! What will she think of our chaotic family of 6…our 3 year old running around sweet and loveable one instant..turned tantrum and miserable the next; our 5 year old that often forgets to flush the toilet; our 7 year old that will be following Ylse’s every move…so excited to have a sister in the house…and is already asking if she can sleep in the same bed; and our smart and talented, yet very “preteen” 10 year old that can’t seem to stand the sound of anyone breathing, let alone humming.

As I am rushing around to get the house perfectly clean and my husband is rushing around to finish his 10 different projects on the house…I feel stressed that it is not all done. Yet, at the same time, it makes me smile. I can have a clean house when she arrives, but it will take less than 24 hours for the dishes to be piled up again, the laundry to be thrown on the floor, and the muddy paw prints from our dogs to be back on the floor.

I used to sweep/mop everyday. Now I am lucky if I have time to pee every day (this is true).  Our life is busy…our life is chaotic. And above all, our life is imperfect.  That is what makes it so great.  How quiet and boring it would be if I didn’t have little Thomas the Train underwear to pick up off the floor everyday, or legos to step on?  What would I do in the evening if I weren’t rushing kids to practices and fighting them to do their piano lessons?  What would it be like to have a perfectly clean floor, yet not have an amazing 2 acres of land for the kids to run on and get dirty, and no dogs for the kids to grow up with?

The inability to keep up on organization…on a perfectly clean house (though I sure do try)…the stress that comes with keeping everyone’s appointments straight, practices straight, what patients I need to see at what clinic each day, not knowing until 3:00 every afternoon if my husband will be home that evening or not…that is our life.  I wouldn’t trade this life for the world.  The imperfections and chaos of our family leaves room for adventure, for unconditional love…our family truly lives life.

I am so excited to welcome Ylse into the chaos of our home. I feel like we have been so blessed in life that I can’t wait to share it…and I know she will bring just as  much to our family.  So though she will soon realize the house isn’t always clean…sometimes a 3 year old barges in on you when you are in the restroom…and often there is massive mayhem when we are all trying to get out of the house on time….I’m confident she will see the beauty in the disarray and feel the love we share for each other and this crazy adventure we call life.



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