We Laugh Hard, We Love Hard

Family Reunions. What do I remember from family reunions growing up? Love, laughter, and memories. I remember running around with cousins making memories that still make me smile. I remember hearing amazing life stories from Pop Pop. I remember cramming 21 people into a yellow Volkswagon van to go hiking.  I remember countless talent shows from a family that may or may not have had the greatest talents in the world. I remember turning trash bags into ponchos because if our family says they are going to hike, they are going to do it no matter what.

Just getting back from our most recent family reunion, I am just so grateful. I am grateful I get to watch my kids make these same memories with my sister’s kids, with my cousin’s kids. I am so grateful that they are learning what a family is. That is unconditional love. I am so blessed to have this family of mine.

Our family laughs hard. We also love hard. We have true unconditional love in this family and that is something I want to teach my kids.  I have been born into a family that makes the best of any situation. They are a family that has been through hard times, but knows how special every day is and how even on the roughest days, you can find something to laugh at or be thankful for. It is a family that will support me and love me no matter what I do in life.

I have a family that is welcoming to anyone…Brother John who randomly joined our family on this trip…a random passer by on a previous reunion that we asked to be in our family picture. I just think if more people could feel this unconditional love..learn to really, truly love people for who they are…support people for who they are…the world would be a better place.

So I encourage everyone to start with your own family. Then start with your friends. Make the decision to love unconditionally. It is such an amazing feeling.


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