It’s happened.  My daughter has inherited my visions. Or what I prefer to call my intuition. Or perhaps she is cursed with my worrying gene.

I was away the other night at a friend’s house to workout and watch our guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette. When I came home my husband informed me my daughter was up until almost 11:00 and came down from bed in tears.  When asked what was wrong, she sobbed “I keep seeing in my head that Mommy got in a car accident and died”.

The funny thing is, when I had gotten in my car and began driving home, I was having that same vision the entire time.  Was it just a connection between me and my daughter? Was it a sign to cause me to be more alert on my way home? Or was it just coincidence of two worrying minds.

Here’s the problem. I am a worrier. I can’t seem to be able to control my mind, my visions, the pictures and thoughts in my head. When I was a gymnast, my coach would have us mentally go through our routines with our eyes closed. I crashed and landed on my head every single time. I would try to do it again in my mind in slow motion to picture it correctly, but for some reason my hands still always slipped off the bar and I landed on my head. Do you know how frustrating it is not to be able to control the picture in your own head???

Here is the other problem.  There have been many times my dreams or these visions have come true. It started as a preteen. I have had the most random dreams come true just in the way I dreamt them the night before. I have known things were going to happen to family members before they passed away. Often when something happens, I think to myself, I already pictured that. I knew it was going to happen. It’s a very weird feeling. Is it just intuition? Is it a way of God talking to me?

The only bad thing is I have many visions and dreams that don’t come true. I’m one of those people that can imagine my family in an accident and be on the verge of tears because I convince myself it has actually happened. Or before a family member gets on an airplane, I almost call them and tell them not to because I have this impending sense that it is going down.  Most of the time, my visions do not come true, so it is hard to know when to listen to them.

It can be a good thing too. When in college, I grabbed my boyfriend and stopped him from running upstairs and outside at a party when we heard someone pulled out a gun. The night before I had dream we were in a basement, and when someone ran downstairs to tell us someone pulled out a gun, my boyfriend ran outside to help stop him and got shot. Now just so you know, we grew up in a town where I never heard of someone having a gun, so this was not a normal occurrence.

I feel intuition when it comes to people, or to circumstances. The pull we felt when we walked into our house in Alabama from the first time was obvious…it was meant to be. I feel like it helps me make the correct decisions.

I’ve been having a vision lately that I am supposed to make a big change. But it is scary. How do I know if this vision is really a push from God, or if it is just me making stuff up? How do I know it won’t be the wrong decision? Then the quote pops into  my head, “Jump, and a net will appear”. The net has appeared every other time I’ve jumped. But that doesn’t make it any less scary.

So I guess I am curious about other people’s visions/intuitions/dreams. How do you know when to listen to them? How do you tell the difference between your own wants, your own silly worries, and maybe God trying to tell you something? I would love to hear other people’s input on this, because I find it very interesting!



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