I’m a Beachbody Coach. What were some of my fears before I signed up as a coach? First, that I would fail. Second, I’m not good about following meal plans and eating healthy, how will I encourage others to? Third, I don’t have extra time.

But the absolute biggest fear I had was what would other people think? How would they react? Would they unfriend me? Would they be annoyed by me doing one of “those at home businesses”?

It’s sad that I hesitated so much to try something new, something I thought I might really enjoy, due to fear of what other people would think. It is sad that we let the thoughts of other people put limitations on what we can do in life. It is sad that there are people that quit something they are very passionate about because they let the opinions of others tear them down.

Fortunately, I have had such amazing support and encouragement surrounding me from the beginning. However, I do know people on my team that have had those negative comments on their posts, so called “friends”  feeling the need to put others down.

This breaks my heart. In the world today, there is so much negativity, so many blocks to being happy and doing what you love, so much stress in day to day life. Why can’t we live in a world where we lift each other up and support each other instead of pulling them down?  You may have 100 people supporting you and lifting you up, but it only takes that one negative comment to make you second guess your decisions, make you start questioning yourself and losing your confidence and self worth.

Here’s the thing…people that comment negatively toward you or try to pull you down…it really has nothing to do with you. There is something negative going on inside them or in their life that comes out as negativity towards other people.  This is hard to remember when you hear or see a negative comment, especially if it is from someone you trust. But it is up to you how you let those 1 or 2 negative feedbacks affect you.  Don’t let it shift your mind away from the 100’s of other people you are inspiring, positively impacting…don’t let it make you forget to follow your dreams and do something you are passionate about. This is your life, not theirs.  If they were happy and confident in their own life, they wouldn’t have the time or feel the need to bring others down.

Don’t look towards those people to direct your life. Read personal development books, pray and fill your heart up with God, and listen to the ones around you that are lifting you up and are happy for you.


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