Wrinkle Secrets Revealed

Wow. Almost a year has gone by since I took the leap to become an online fitness coach and open up my life on social media. Shortly after, I then felt the push to share what I feel are insignificant, unimportant, random glimpses of my thoughts/advice/craziness of life on this blog.   It’s been an unexpected but amazing experience that continues to help me grow as a person.

Funny story happened today. My sister called and said, “My husband wants to know what wrinkle cream you use. He’s been seeing your selfies on Facebook and he wants to buy whatever wrinkle cream you have been using.”

Laughter…guilt…secrets?  One of my goals for my business, for my team, is to teach people not only how to be the healthiest versions of themselves with eating right and working out, but how to be the healthiest versions of themselves on the inside. This means being vulnerable, being true to yourself, loving yourself for who you are.  One of my goals on social media is to be open and vulnerable, let people see that we all struggle, we all have crazy days, we all have parts of us that we don’t love all the time…that is normal.

That being said, as much as I’ve gained confidence over the years, as soon as I see a picture of myself, I, like probably everyone else in the world, notice my gaze going straight to my least favorite features (usually my wrinkles). I have used wrinkle cream religiously since I turned 21..trust me..I still have wrinkles (and was ready to cry a couple years ago when I actually had a fairly good tan, but noticed some white lines on my forehead where those wrinkles were…seriously…that’s when you know they are real wrinkles).


Beauty Secret Revealed/Selfie 101….I cheat. No I don’t go all photo shop crazy. But by just changing the filter on your picture, you quickly soften the features and lighten up the photo (which also tends to hide those dark circles under my eyes).  The secrets out.

We need to remember social media only shows us what people want it to show us. My goal is to be raw, open, and vulnerable…to let others that may be having the same struggles as me know they are not alone. As much as I want to do that, and as much as I will post a sweaty workout selfie in my ugliest sweatsjenphoto…I haven’t been able to bring myself to post the pictures that accentuate those pesky little wrinkles; wrinkles that I know I should love because they show signs of laughter, tears, and amazing expressions I have felt in the last 36 years.

I may post pictures of the delicious/gourmet dinners my husband makes and the healthy recipes I’m trying…but what I don’t post is the fact that I have given in to using paper plates this past year just to save me time and sanity (Yes, I feel bad for the environment, but I’m saving water and electricity by not using the dishwasher).

I talk about healthy choices all the time. I don’t buy my kids anything with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sugars, artificial flavorings or food coloring; I buy lunch meat with no nitrates/nitrites/preservatives…in fact my poor husband and children think an infrequent purchase of Frosted Mini Wheats or Poptarts are dessert and a special treat from Mom. However, in the past few months you will find more and more Luncheables packed in my kids’ lunch boxes because I am just realizing I don’t always have the capacity in the morning to come up with a healthy lunch and take the time to pack it anymore.  Why do I feel guilty using paper plates and being a Luncheable mom?

Even though we are all sharing our best photos, our best meals made, the fun/beautiful things that happen in our lives…we all know we aren’t perfect…nobody is perfect…and that is what makes us beautiful too.

So if you see one of my selfies, know that I do have wrinkles…I’ve just learned how to use the lighting to my benefit. And if you see beautiful pictures of my meals arranged perfectly on fine china, just know the rest of my family’s food is slopped onto a paper plate. And although I have resorted to sending my kids to school with Luncheables a couple times a week, you can still feel sorry for them that there are no chips, cookies, or sugary cereals in my house…is depriving them of all those artificial yummy treats really going to make a difference in their lives? Probably not…but it makes me feel better. 🙂

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