“Your Largest Fear Carries Your Greatest Growth”

We all have fears…something that holds us back. I have way to many to mention, but one of mine has always been communication. I didn’t say my first words until I was 3. I didn’t make eye contact with people in grade school. Through highschool, college, grad school, I often didn’t enter into conversations. I would sit and listen, and though I had something to say, I feared it wasn’t significant and by the time I convinced myself to say it, the moment of that topic had passed.

I have always had a mental block when it comes to communicating. I physically feel like I cannot make the words come out of my mouth. Even when I need to have a conversation with my husband about something important, I will sit for hours attempting to say something…it feels as if I am paralyzed. Speaking in front of people terrifies me. Any type of controversy completely shuts me down. When my husband and I used to fight…there were no words, lol. Just silence for a few days.

I have learned that when we face our fears, we grow. Fears hold us back. So many people have a fear, a past, a struggle that is keeping hold on their growth as a person. I am learning through books, my business, my support system, to overcome my fear. Never in a million years did I think I would be leading a team…recording video trainings…opening up in a blog and on social media. Never ever would I have thought God would choose communication as my platform to share Him. I would have thought he would use my listening quietly and never opening my mouth skill. I have always been a good listener 😉

Facing our fea

Face your fear. Don’t let that block hold you back. You may be missing out on being the best you and giving the best you. You may be surprised what you can do and how you can grow as a person, help others. I have lots of good books and tips I can recommend if you need a place to start 🙂


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