Spray Tan..fail or success?

As I prepared for my Beachbody retreat, I desperately want to be tan for the beach and for my pictures. Unfortunately, I don’t tan, and when I do tan, I just look normal.  I’ve decided to try a spray tan, but this totally freaks me out. What if I look like an Oompa Loompa? Or remember that episode of Friends???

After asking multiple times what people recommend, I finally decided to try a booth at TanPro, with plenty of time for the bronze color to fade away before my trip if I don’t like it.  I went at 8:00 at night with a little push from my husband to just try it.

The gal working was so helpful. I told her I was super nervous and she showed me the spray tan she had just gotten. Looked natural on her!  She then took me back, and went through every step with me of what to expect and what to do. 1. Put on the hair net. 2. Put this special lotion on the palm of you hands so you don’t get orange palms. 3. Assume the front position and allow it to spray you. 4. Follow the voice commands it gives you (and she continued to demonstrate each step it would take me through and each position I would need to get into).

Ok. I took a deep breath. I can do this. She left and I closed the door. Wait. Do I do this naked?? Do I leave on my underwear? She didn’t tell me! I opted to just take it all off since I didn’t want bronzed underwear or tan lines.  I put on my hair net. I took another deep breath, and reviewed the poster next to the tan machine that demonstrated the different positions.  I slowly stepped into the machine, and thought, here goes nothing.  I pushed the start button and assumed front position number 1.  As the machine walked me through the different positions, I realized, this isn’t so bad…I can handle this.

As I assumed the back position and felt the second set of spray, the actual tanning solution, wash over my body, I gasped…oh crap. I forgot to put on that special lotion before I got into the machine!! That was step 2 and I forgot! Was I supposed to put that lotion all over my body? Was I going to turn orange?? No, wait, it was just for my palms. I finished up the entire process, and I stepped out immediately and grabbed a paper towel, scrubbing the palms of my hands, devastated that I was now going to have orange palms.

Oh well. It was over. I got home and checked out my complexion in the mirror. Not bad! Except on my forearms were these funny speckles of color, making me look like I had more freckles than I wanted. Was this normal? Will it smooth out.

The next morning, I woke up and kind of liked my bronzed arms, legs, and face. Until my 9 year old son noticed and said, “Mom..you look tan. It looks weird and it makes you look old.”  Thanks for the confidence boost Colton.

After a couple days, it all seemed to blend in and I actually like it! Maybe there is a way for me to “tan”.

Update…I ended up being happy with the overall result and went back and got another spray right before my trip! Tips I’m learning…Exfoliate before you go! Don’t use the accelerator..it made my tan smear more when I put on my clothes afterwards for some reason…Don’t forget to put the lotion on your palms before you go in…and remember…if  you hate it…it will be gone in a few days 🙂



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