Getting Control of My Life: Week 2

So the first week of following my list of goals, I didn’t feel very successful. Maybe this whole list thing and decluttering my brain wasn’t meant to be. I mean seriously, is it possible for a working mom of 4 children to ever feel like she is on top of things? I’m not ready to give up yet.

The second week has gone a little better. I am better utilizing my To Do List notepad. I wrote out all my meals and the day I was making them, and made sure to go to the grocery and have all the ingredients before the week started.  IIMG_2980magine my husband’s surprise when I actually tried a new recipe (something I am usually very hesitant to try and dread doing).

I also once again meal prepped, and was able to keep the salads hidden from my kids. This prevented those last minute runs through the fast food drive thru.  I even went one step ahead of my goals, and have been pre-packing my kids’ lunches the night before. What a time saver in the morning!!  And as for the kitchen sink, I have actually had it clean a few nights before going to bed (but still haven’t been consistent with this).

The house is still chaotic, and my to do list is still never-ending, but I think if I keep working on organizing and simplifying, it actually might make a difference. I am mastering the art of google docs to organize my Beachbody business, along with worksheets to follow during my Power Hour of business time each day.

The best part is, our house is slowly coming together and I know it will be worth all this mess and disaster in the end. As we are switching everyone’s bedrooms around, it is allowing me to reorganize, throw things away, and declutter all that stuff.  Although, with 4 kids, you know it won’t look like this for long.


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