Getting control of my life: The First Week

So I made a list of goals to start reorganizing my life and getting on top of the clutter in my head.  Unfortunately, I made the decision to start these new tasks the week we completely tore apart our house to put in new floors, paint, and switch around absolutely every bedroom!  Not sure why I thought this was a good idea.  How did my goals go?

  1. IMG_2856Kitchen clean every night:   Due to the fact that there was living room furniture in my kitchen, along with tools all over the counter, I totally lacked the motivation to clean my kitchen. Therefore, I woke up each morning to find my sink looking like this picture. Ugh.
  2. Getting my workout in sooner:  This I have done a little better with. I haven’t mastered the sneaking out of bed without the 2 year old’s internal alarm sounding that his Mother is more than 10 feet away yet. However, if I have time before dinner or during the day while my babies play, I am trying to get it done and ignore the laundry and housework that is calling my name until afterwards. This gives me so much more energy to conquer my to do list!
  3. The 2 Minute Rule: If I pass something that takes less than 2 minutes to do, I will do it right then. I have started this.  I passed the litter box, and instead of putting it on my mental to do list, I just cleaned it.  I also did little things, like wipe down and clean the bathroom while my babies bathed instead of sitting on the closed commode scrolling through Facebook. If I keep doing these little things instead of adding them to my to do list, I think it will help clear some of that clutter in my head.
  4. Plan/Prep/List:  I bought this cute little notepad to keep a list of things that need done as soon as they come into my head, and what days I need to do them. Unfortunately, the first week I kind of forgot to keep checking it and as I thought of 2 IMG_2723more things that needed done while I was driving or at work, I would realize my notepad was at home.  I also wrote down meal ideas, but in the chaos of the house projects, my notepad and list lost itself on the bottom of a pile of papers.  I also attempted to meal prep my lunches by making a couple salads for the work week ahead of time and putting them in tupperware.  I made the mistake of not hiding them, and my children devoured them in one night 10 minutes before bedtime because this seems to be when their stomachs start grumbling. I was frustrated, but also proud that my kids choose salad as their “midnight snack”.  I think the next day I ended up getting a Wendy’s cheeseburger and fries since I didn’t have my salad to bring to work and ran out of time in the morning to make another.  Fail.
  5. Personal Time With Kids: This I am gradually improving on. I am trying to be conscious of putting down what I am doing when my children ask me to do something with them, although I still need to do better. I have taken the time (most nights) to pray with each child, or read Peek-A-Boo books with Charlie 2-3 times when he asks. This is something that I just can’t do enough of and want to make more of a habit.

I am not giving up on these goals yet, and want to continue adding to these. I think the more organized I can get my life/businesses/and mental to do list, the more relaxed and on top of things I will feel, hopefully allowing more patience and time with those precious blessings running around my feet.

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