Lost in the clutter

imageI pride myself on enjoying cleaning and organizing. Unfortunately, with four kids and my crazy schedule, I don’t feel like things are every clean or organized! Clutter in my house and in my head cause turmoil within me, which then seems to present as impatience and lack of time for my family. Seriously, how am I supposed to sit down and play legos when there are dishes all over the kitchen, 3 more loads of laundry to do (don’t even ask how much laundry I have to do a day), a workout to do, emails to return.  I’ve decided to make some specific goals to start organizing my life, time, to do list, and cleaning. Here’s where I will start.

  1. Make sure the kitchen is clean every night before I go to bed. 

Waking up to a messy kitchen just starts my morning off with stress. I feel like I have to get it clean before I leave the house, at the same time I’m answering morning emails, getting the kids ready for school, making breakfasts, packing lunches, letting dogs out…why not just take the time to do it the night before? One less thing to stress about in the morning!

2.  Get my workout in sooner

I get frustrated and down when I don’t get my daily workout in. For me, workouts are a stress relief, part of my job as a Beachbody coach, and give me the energy I need for my life. When I miss a workout, I feel guilty as a coach, I have less patience. When I wait until the end of the day to do my workout (sometimes this is just the only time), I am rushed getting the kids to bed, annoyed when they need 1 more drink or 10 minutes of cuddle time for each kid (that equals 40 minutes!), and by the time I come downstairs at 930 at night, I’ve lost my motivation. Goal is to get workout done in the morning, or before I start dinner. I need to look away from the tasks that need done around the house, because I know if I start doing those, the workout will get put off until it is too late.

3.  If I pass something that needs done that will take less than 2 minutes, I will do it right then.

Somewhere along the lines of researching how to keep a clean house, I saw this tip. How often do I pass by the cat litter, and roll my eyes and mentally add clean the litterbox to my To Do List, only to forget about it and pass it again the next day and re-add it to my list.  Every little task I pass and add to my mental to do list adds to the fullness and stress in my head. If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it right then. One less thing to add to my list.

4.  Plan/Prep/List

As a mother, the neverending list of things I need to remember and get done is overwhelming. Yes, I remember most of them..scheduling kids’ dentist appointments, signing papers, packing lunches on field trip days, trash day, remembering to message back a customer, a renter, a friend. However, this list in my head runs over and over constantly and I am always stressing about what is on that mental list and what I am forgetting (like forgetting to get my registration for my car).  I want to start writing it down. Maybe this will decrease the clutter in my head. I am going to start writing down things that pop in my head on my weekly schedule so it doesn’t have to stay in my head.  Dinners are another big stressor for me, so I am determined to start planning all meals ahead of time!!

5.  Personal Time With Kids

With 2 businesses and working part time, I am constantly answering messages, on my phone, and trying to keep up on housework!  At the end of the day, I feel guilty that I am always so busy…so many excuses why my kids have to wait…if you want clean clothes, I need to do the laundry! If you want lunch, I have to take the time to pack it!   Do you really want to live in a house with all this clutter?! Who else is going to do it. Yes, I would love to play with you, but who will clean the house and answer these emails??

One of my biggest fears is going through life and regretting not living in the now and enjoying every single second of my children. Now that is impossible…to enjoy every single second…but I want to make sure I enjoy more time with them. This needs to be a priority. This is hard with 4 kids! Here are some things I am going to try to do to make this happen!

~Pray with each child every night.  Night time is often stressful, rushed, tucking in 4 kids, meeting their needs, trying to get the 2 year old to sleep (when I am home he only falls asleep with me lying next to him)…more often than not, night time is frustrating, filled with whining and yelling.  This is not what I want it to be about.  Taking 1-2 minutes to pray with each child at night will hopefully give them that personal attention, set the sleeping mood in a positive tone, and do the most important thing I need to do as a mom…teach them to turn their focus to God.

~Say yes instead of in a few minutes.   I am always in the middle of cleaning, business, something when the kids ask me to do something. Instead of saying, “hold on…I’ll do it in a minute” I am going to try to say “Sure” and do it right then. Even if I just step away from my work for 5 minutes, they will know they are a priority. Now, my kids are constantly saying “Mom” so I know it is not a reality to meet all their needs right when they ask, but I’m going to do my best.

~ Schedule dates.  With 4 kids, 1 on 1 time is rare.  Once in a while, I like to schedule dates with 1 kid….I want to build a personal relationship with each individual child, and these 1 on 1 times are priceless.


This is my start. I’ll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!


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