Flashing Blue and Red Lights

Monday morning I survived as usual. I got myself ready for work, let the dogs out, got 4 kids out of bed, dressed (however, my 2 year old threw a fit and I ended up allowing him to wear his PJ top to the sitter, my 4 year old all of a sudden could absolutely not get himself dressed or brush his teeth without my help, and my 7 year old was in tears after trying on 3 different dresses with 3 different jean jackets and thinking none of them looked good while I thought they all looked adorable…then it came time to pick out shoes..ugh). I got lunches packed, homework checked and in bookbags, made my breakfast shake…made a million breakfast burritos for my never full-bellied kids.  I caught up on about 15 minutes of home business stuff on the computer.  I think I even had the kitchen clean and a load of laundry started before we ran out of the house (this doesn’t always happen) to catch the bus, drive 25 minutes to the babysitter, then 25 minutes back to work.

Work was busier than usual, and I worked my full day, rushing to get home just before the bus pulled up to drop off the kids. Straight to homework, dinner, then rushing off to get to gymnastics practice which I coach. Oh, and when I got home, one of our dogs once again magically got out of her cage and chewed up pillows, toys, and pooed and peed on my floor.

After  a 2 hour practice with 8 energetic little gymnasts, I hustled my daughter and the girl I carpool home out the door, remembering that the dog was out of food and we had to stop at the grocery store on the way home at 8:30 at night.  As I turned from the stop light to go into the grocery store, red and blue lights began flashing in my rearview mirror.  What?! Was I speeding?? I doubt it, I was at a stoplight. Did the stoplight not turn green and I made a left turn anyway?!  Did he see me call my mom on my cell phone and maybe that’s illegal now?!

I pulled over, and he came up to my window.  “Ma’am. Did you know your tags are expired?”

Here’s what I said. “Oh no! They are? No! I don’t know how I forgot to get them!” (6 weeks ago when it was my birthday.

What I really felt like saying. “I remember being at the BMV in the last couple months..Guess that was for my husband’s registration. But I vividly remember putting the sticker on the back of my van and wondering if it would stay because it was a little dirty over the old sticker…that must have been a year ago but I swear it seems like it was just yesterday.”

I wanted to say, “Do you have any idea of the running List of Things To Do that goes on in my head at any given minute? Do you realize I have 4 kids, I work, I run businesses, I coach. I remember to schedule kid’s doctors and dentist appointments and take them, I remember to dress them in green on Green Day (although I forgot PJ day), I get dinner on the table most nights, although it is nothing gourmet, I remember to pack lunches, I remembered to get my PT license renewed this year, I remembered to clean the cat litter, I remembered to email my renters the new code to the entry gate, I remembered my son needed a snack for school, I remembered I need to get that safety course done online for coaching….of course I forgot to renew my registration!”

But that’s not what I said. I don’t know that he would get it. I don’t know if it is a Mom thing or a Woman thing, but the amount of tasks we need to remember and get done in our head is something you can’t explain to someone.  It seems unrelenting, unattainable…there are often times that I am 85% sure my head might actually, physically explode because of all the clutter in my head.

My goal this week. Try some new tips to keeping my life, my To Do List, and my sanity in check.  So that next year I don’t forget to get my new tags.


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