Why are you on your phone again?

On my third day of quiet time, I immediately felt the tears begin to form.  This was getting a little ridiculous. I don’t like to cry.

Yet my heart and brain just felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and I knew I just needed to let go and allow God to lead me.  So he wants me to write a blog. Don’t you see these tears, Lord, running down my face because my brain is on overload already?

Don’t you see my husband asking why I am on my IPAD so late and my kids craving more and more of my attention?

How can I add writing a blog to this?

After crying for a few moments, I relaxed my shoulders and opened up my devotional like I had the two times before.

“Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust Me.  You have Me beside you and My Spirit within you, so no set of circumstances is too much for you to handle.

The way to walk through demanding days is to grip My hand tightly and stay in close communication with Me.” Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I smiled. I keep expecting God to show me signs to slow down, but He is pointing me in the opposite direction.  I may not know the reason why at this time, but I have decided every morning to now just ask God to hold my hand through this day and guide me towards living my life for Him.

I do keep second guessing His words to me. Am I making this up and reading into these “signs” from him just because I want an excuse for this chaos of my life? However, I know if I continue to pray for that hand pulling me in the right direction, he will eventually reveal his plans.

Once I accepted this new task in my life, I felt more relaxed and at peace.  Maybe these new roles I am taking on will allow me more time with my family in the near future. Maybe they will allow me to share my faith to a more vast network.

Whatever the reason, I had another sign/confirmation when I had a meeting with my fellow Beachbody coaches the other night. I did not know the topic of the meeting…usually we talk about upcoming business plans, training, etc. Surprisingly, this night two of my coaches just opened up about how they had been feeling confused and praying for guidance in their life, questioning their current roles.   Yet, both of them expressed how overwhelmingly God has recently pushed them to go forward with their business because he has a bigger purpose through it and for them.

Our team has a renewed excitement. It seems God is speaking to each of us and is making plans.

Wow. At least I am not the only one feeling this push from above. Makes me feel a little less crazy and more excited for what the future holds.

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